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Model Child - Modelling for children aged 0 to 17
Model Child - Modelling for children aged 0 to 17

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Started in Child Modelling:

The aim of this page is to answer the most frequently asked questions by new parents who feel their child has the potential for a modelling/TV career.

We feel that no child, even at an early age should miss school. Education is obviously important and although the modelling and TV work is fun, it is more than possible to fit it in around school. Parents always have the right to refuse modelling jobs; most parents work full time and would not be able to get to modelling jobs without prior notice.

Do we have to pay an up front fee to an agency?

Most reputable Child Model Agencies DO charge a fee - the fee is for the cost of publishing your child's details on the agencies portfolio.

This subject has been widely misquoted in Internet chat rooms and other so called sources of information for many years. Adult agencies do not charge an up front fee, as an adult model you are able to put in a lot of ground work constantly going to see clients actually booking yourself appointments and calling in to see them with your book (portfolio). A child agency needs to promote the children to their clients. Most Child agencies have an on-line portfolio.

Licensing & Medical Certificates :

All children under the age of 16 years must have a license which will be granted by your local education welfare authority; without a license a child cannot work. The agencies that we send applications to will always apply for your child's license on your behalf. Please be aware that you will be required to provide the agency with a copy of your child's birth certificate & a note from the child's doctor certifying the child is fit & well to undertake work.

Photographic Sessions:

Child Model Agencies will usually invite you to come in to their photography studio for a series of shots which will be used for the child's portfolio. They will need to get a good head shot and a full-length shot of your child, they will normally use 3 or 4 photos from a total of around 60 shots taken over the course of a 20 to 30 minute photo shoot. These are called test shots and will be the beginning of your childs on-line portfolio with the agency.

Can a child model agency Guarantee Work:

No modelling agency can or should guarantee work and any that do should be avoided. It is an agencies duty to it’s clients to create a full and varied portfolio of up-to date models, then to advertise the agency (our children) adequately to the industry. No agency can know exactly what their clients are going to request from one day to the next so they need to ensure they can place the right children in the right jobs, hence the reason to produce a full & varied portfolio on demand.

If a client asks for a selection of 1year old babies, then an agency could not put teenagers forward and vice versa. It is the clients who make the decision of which children to use for a particular job - NOT the agency. This is why no agency can guarantee work to any child that it represents. A reputable agency will only accept a child if they feel that the child would be a valuable asset to their portfolio, & should not be blamed if the client does not book them whilst with the agency. The fact remains that an agency earns commission when a child is working, so will always submit every child on their books for every assignment they are suited to, in the hope that they are selected, after all this is how any agency earns their money.

New Applications:

Send your New Application along with the photographs to us at If you are accepted on to an agencies books they will invite you in for a further interview and photographic session at their photographic studio. Click here to submit your details and photos online now.

Can you tell me how many jobs I can expect in a year?

It is impossible to answer this question as some children get started quicker than others, and then the slower starters may have a flurry of work later on.

A great deal depends on which look and what age group the client requires for the job. However, always remember some of our biggest "stars" are just normal kids having fun and enjoying themselves.

Is there a fee to be represented by child model agencies?

Most child model agencies do charge a fee which can vary between £50 to £150

How much will I be paid for each job?

In the table below, you will find our (industry) standard rates of pay, however a Television commercial can be anything from £200 - £25,000.

AGE 0-17 Years £35.00 per hour
  £105.00 per half day (4 Hours Gross)
  £195.00 per full day (8 hours Gross)
  Agency Commission standard 25% of gross rate
AGE 18-85  
  £45.00 per hour gross
  £135.00 per half day gross
  £250.00 full day 8 hours gross
  Agency Commission standard 20% of gross rate
Families All fees to be negotiated less agency commission
AGE 0-12 years All fees to be negotiated
CHAPERONE FEE All fees to be negotiated
WARDROBE/RECALL FEE All fees to be negotiated
TEENAGERS/ADULTS All fees to be negotiated
Additional rates for posters, showcards and packaging please check at time of bookings.

We hope that you have found the answers to most of your questions on this page and other pages on our web site. However, if you have any other questions, please email and we will be more than happy to help. We will always try our best to reply to your questions within 24 hours where possible. will continue to update this page with parents questions.

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